Worsted alpaca processing

two rivers mill is a small-scale worsted mill in Coleraine, N.Ireland, owned and run by Phil and Dani Allen.

We turn alpaca fleece into high quality yarns for hand and machine knitting and weaving.


wool producing equipment

Where we are

We are located near the North coast of Northern Ireland, with easy trading links to customers on the island of Ireland, in GB, the EU and further afield.

Visitors to the mill are very welcome by prior appointment and we are always happy to discuss and demonstrate our work.

wool milling machine

What we do

two rivers mill specialises in worsted processing of alpaca fibres, either as pure huacaya and suri or in blends with other fibres to suit different applications.

We work with orders from 20kg to over 100kg.

wool mill

Working in our environment

We run our machines on electricity generated 100% from renewables and we use biodegradable cones and plastic bags to deliver your yarn.

Our services

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Breeders and Animal owners

We can assess your fleece and offer advice on the best processing options for adding value.

We use the blanket fleece to make tops and yarn supplied on cones, in hanks or balls and can help with manufacture of knitted and woven garments and accessories.

coloured alpaca wool

Designers and Manufacturers

We create bespoke 100% alpaca or blended natural colour tops and yarns in your own colour and weight specifications using high quality fibre from our stock or from specialist suppliers.

We offer a personal, flexible service with efficient delivery and willingness to experiment.



Occasionally we have remainders and stock yarns for sale at wholesale rates.

Check the website for spot lots as they appear !