We are committed to :

An open and fair system of charges.

Processing your fibre economically to the highest quality compatible with the quality of the fibre.

Charging only for the weight of fibre passing though the machines during preparation and spinning.

Efficient processing to maximise fibre return and added value.

wool threads

For Breeders and Animal Owners

We can assess your fleeces and offer advice on the best processing options for adding value.

We guarantee that your fibre will be processed separately from other orders without blending unless previously agreed.

We use just the blanket fleece to make tops and yarn for hand knitting,  machine knitting and weaving, supplied on cones, in hanks or balls. and our minimum batch size for fibre of similar properties to be processed as one lot is a skirted weight of 20kg.

Through our contacts with other manufacturers we can help with production of high quality knitted or woven garments and accessories.

coloured alpaca wool

For Designers and Manufacturers

We can create bespoke 100% alpaca or blended natural coloured tops and yarns in your own colour and weight specifications using high quality fibre from stock or specialist suppliers.

Our yarns have been successfully used for hand and machine knitting and for weaving and through our contacts with other manufacturers we can help with production of high quality worsted knitwear or woven cloth.

Our minimum order for manufacturing bespoke yarn for each agreed colour, type, weight or blend is a finished yarn weight of 20kg.

We offer an efficient turn-around of orders and will incorporate your particular manufacturing programme requirements where possible


For Retailers

Occasionally we have remainders and stock yarns for sale at wholesale rates.

Check the website for spot lots as they appear !



Processing Charges

Processes Measure/kg Huacaya Suri
Processing to Tops Received weight 31.50 35.00
Processing  to Yarn (singles heavier than 12Nm) Weight of tops 29.00 32.00
Scouring and carding only Skirted weight 22.00 25.00
Manufacturing bespoke yarns Finished yarn POA POA
Additional Charges
Spinning lighter singles 14 – 18Nm Weight of tops 6.00 7.50
For additional skirting and batching Received weight 7.00 7.00
For batches of prepared weight < 10kg Received weight + 25% + 25%
Winding into 100g balls or 100g hanks Finished yarn 7.00 7.00


Notes :

  1. Minimum batch size (fleece of one colour, type or blend well-skirted and prepared for processing) for processing supplied fibre is 20kg.
  2. Minimum order quantity to manufacture bespoke yarns to client’s colour, weight and blending specifications is 20kg for each solid colour, type, weight or blend and 25kg for multi-coloured yarns.
  3. Charges exclude VAT which will be added at the rate current at the time of processing.
  4. Yarn is supplied conditioned on cones.
  5. Carriage of finished product will be charged in addition to the processing charges.
  6. Typical processing costs for yarns from 12Nm singles or heavier :
    huacaya : £56 /kg received skirted fibre / £70/ kg finished yarn on cones
    suri : £62/ kg received skirted fibre / £78 / kg finished yarn on cones
    (based on average yield from raw fibre of 80%)