Here we explain the yarn count system we use and how we calculate yields and charges.

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Yield to yarn

We calculare the yield of yarn from a batch of raw fibre as :

(conditioned weight of finished yarn/greasy weight of the skirted fibre)  x 100%

Yield to yarn can be 75 – 80% for batches with low variation of fineness and staple length

The main sources of fibre loss are :

  • scouring : removal of grease and dirt (5 – 10%)
  • combing : removal of short fibres and remaining vegetation (5 – 10%)

Yarn  Counts

We use the metric system which quotes the length of yarn for a given weight, in this case metres per gram.

eg.    1 gram weight of a 9 Nm yarn single has a length of 9 metres.

The higher the number the lighter and finer the yarn !

Folded yarns of 2 or more singles twisted together are described as 2/9’s Nm, 3/9’s Nm and so on.

Example of Price Calculation

(refer to our charges list for rates)

20kg skirted huacaya fleece processed to tops :

20 x £31.50/kg = £630.00

Weight of tops ( with average scouring and combing losses) = 17kg

17kg tops processed to yarn on cones :

17 x £29.00/kg = £493.00

Total charge £1123.00

which is approximately equivalent to :

£56.00 / kg of skirted fleece
£70.00 / kg of finished yarn (@ 80% yield)